Sunday, 22 November 2009

Yohji Yamamoto Project

For the Design Portfolio group project we were given the avant garde designer Yohji Yamamoto, we began researching who he and his label are and what philosophy he has: which is rooted in his Japanese culture and his designs are all about the complicated construction of the garments and therefore he uses mainly black in his designs and limited pattern so focus isn't diverted from his construction techniques.

His desirable store locations and store concepts and the exclusivity of the brand, as thre are only 5 flagship stores outside Japan and unavailable in stockists.

His Website and his different diffusion lines: the clothing is not available off his website so you have to visit his stores to buy.

Who is his customer? His typical customer, men and women we feel follow the same way of life and are loyal to the brand as they follow his philosophy.

Some of Yohji Yamamoto's customer wearing his clothes.

Our Customer Boards for the project
Gathered all our research together to sum up who we think they are and therefore who is our target market when designing.
We chose different trends for the Menswear and Womenswear boards within the group and this is my 'Functional Duty' trend for Yohji Yamamoto's Menswear range.
It's quite an industrial worn, heavy trend, which I think mirrors his philosophy of fashion being all about the contruction of the design. It has a military edge to it which I am exploring further. I will be updating you soon with my designs for the collection.

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