Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The Basso and Brooke Archive

After talking about the current Spring/Summer 2010 Basso and Brooke collection I thought I would should show you the best pieces from their previous collections to help you realise why I love the creations and how inspirational they are to me.

I have actually used their creations as a huge inspiration for my current Digital Design project, which is all about geometric print mini dresses.

I will be uploading this work shortly, hopefully you will be able to see the link between the two.

2010 RST

FALL 2009/10

Spring/ Summer 2009

From these past collections I think they have more than made up for the outrageously scary Spring/ Summer 2006 Collection, their first collection was loud bold and over the top but you could give them the benefit of the doubt as it was their debut they had to make a dramatic entrance, the following collections are far more sophiscated and wearable but still loud enough to make a statement.

Spring/Summer 2006

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