Sunday, 22 November 2009

Design Portfolio: Year 1 Semester 2: Skinhead Survival Menswear River Island

For my group design project last year we designed for River Island, I chose to design for the Menswear Range and decided upon my trend 'Skinhead Survival' to base the collection on, it's a hard, gritty, patrotic feel and a casual range. Theres just some of design work for the collection below which capture the essence of this 1980's yob culture, working class trend.

My Mood Board A colour palette which is bold to create a statement mirrors the strong use of tartan, denim, Dr. Marten Boots and the Union Jack influences taken from the history of the 1980's, but brought back to the modern day in a more understated tasteful way.

My Fabric Board Tartan features in the choice of fabrics along with denim which is a vital element to the trend and River Island, also a white jersey cotton and leather for tops and jackets. Fastenings and buttons used are hard chunky, metals and plastics to bring the trend and the fabrics together.

My Top Designs

I used tartan in the finer details in a more understated commericial way to appeal to a broader market.
My Jeanswear Designs
Created lots of diffrent shapes and silhouettes so theres lots of diffrent fits and styles for the River Island customer as they have a large Jeanswear range.

Casual Shirts
I used a pinstriped white cotton which created lots of different directions on the design with the grainline.

Smarter Jackets

Leather Bomber Jacket Designs

As the collection was for the Autumn/ Winter 2009/10 Collection I designed a lot of jackets and coats to suit the season.
I also used the computer for most of these designs to add colour and pattern which helped me progress hugely with my computer skills, using photoshop.

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