Tuesday, 8 December 2009

My Designs, Illustrations and Flats: Yohji Yamamoto

These are my final Boards for my design Development Project, I have designed a Menswear Range for Autumn/ Winter 2010/11 for the Avant Garde designer Yohji Yamamoto.
My Customer Board

My Moodboard and Colour Palette

Fabric board: Strong use of heavy wools, practical and durable quality fabric choices.

Design Development

Following by utility, practical trend with military influences.

My Illustrations

10 Outfits for my Capsule collection, which really capture the feel and my ideas behind it.
These were scanned in free hand work which I altered on photoshop to get more intense colour and a cleaner neater layout.
My Flat drawings

These are technical drawings to show the contruction, stitching details, fastenings, fabric and colour choices for my final 10 outfits for the collection.
These are computer generated as I thought I would be able to create neater and more accurate representations of the garments.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Sonia Rykiel for H&M

On the 5th December Sonia Rykiel launches her design collaboration with H&M

It's the first time a guest designer has created a luxury Lingerie collection for H&M women.

But it's only available in selected stores and I bet they sell out straight away!

The opening show was rauncy and 50's inspired sexy collection was unveiled in Paris with Lily Cole being one of the models.

Featuring the iconic conical bra which has recently made a comeback.
Rykiel signatures include inside-out stitching, black, lace, colourful stripes and knitwear that is key for the brand.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Bridget Riley: Optical Art

For my Assignment 2 in Design Theory I have chosen a piece by Bridget Riley, as I thourght the Optical Movement would be a really interesting topic to analysis structure, composition and form within.

I also really like and have been inspired by her geometric concepts, mainly her black and white art. Here are a some of her best pieces in my opinion.



Cataract 3

Movement in Squares


In these pieces colour, light, movement and disorientation can be achieved through her strategic placement of geometric form causing optical illusions for the viewer.

This post may be about Art not fashion but her work has been used and inspired many fashion creations and in the 1960's when she first started creating her optical art the swinging 60's fashions were happening and Op art monochrome fashions were very popular!

Monday, 30 November 2009

My 'My SPACE' Page Link: http://www.myspace.com/sofi_greenbank

Where you can view more of My Work online!


Geometric Constructions: Shape, Form and Structure

For our Design Theory 2 module we have to look into regular and irregular tilings across the plane without gap or overlap, below are the solutions I came up with by hand.

Then we had to construct our own irregular tiling of The Penrose Tiling, I did this using Photoshop. with the restriction of only using 2 sized rhombi with shaded and arrow sides.

Then I coloured it systematically

This is Assignment 1: Where I chose to design a stained glass window inspired by the seaside using just 4 repeated segments of a square then a triangle, here are my final and mock up designs below.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Drapers 2009 Awards Winners

Here is just some of the worthy winners from the Drapers Retail Awards 2009.

With Yorkshire looking like it has it's far share of the best independent shops in the country!

New Look- Large Multiple chain of the year.

New look's founder Singh- Lifetime achievement award.

As New look celebrates it's 40th year and 1000th Shop opening.

Polo Ralph Lauren- Menswear retailer of the year

Sandwich- Womenswear brand of the year

Lyle and Scott- Young Fashion Brand of the year

Humbug, Ilkley- Best Kidswear Retailer

Topshop/ Topman- Best new store in New York

ASOS- Best Etailer

John Lewis- Best Multiple Brand Store.

White Stuff- Smaller Multiple Brand.

Kiosk 78, Leeds- Best New Store

Drapers Website only available for subscribers!

From the 27th November www.drapersonline.com are asking users to subscribe for £150 to access the latest valuable fashion industry news and trends information.

Most of it's content will now become exclusive to Drapers subscribers, as Drapers are now dramatically developing the website so an enhanced version will be available for subscribers only, which is hugely beneficial to subscribers and will give you the latest fashion information exclusivley without it being broadcast online for everyone.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Is the modern world a bad time for fashion?

Is modern fashion design all about money and not enough about the creativity and generation of new revolutionary ideas and concepts?

This is Colin Mcdowells view of the modern fashion industry, as the designers can only serve in the societies they are in, and when the U.K is dictated by the highstreet and all the cheaper copies, are we not getting quality, or are we just getting the modern equilvent of quality just at an affordable univerisally available price?

Topshop he regards as a brilliant phenomenon, but bad for fashion as they only give us cheaper copies of the real thing! As Topshop isn't leading fashion as their not even looking for it just copying it! As vulgarity sells this is their philosophy in Colin's view.

This also is a perfect example of the Young fashion everywhere, every shop on the high street caters for the young and what about whats appropriate and comfortable for the older customer, as isn't this where the money lies?

Are we going to come out of the era of throw away fashion and cheap copies or is this our future?

The fabulous designs are out their apparently for both men and women but will they sell are they commercial are they fashion forward?

Are high street chain stores the problem, bargains always to be had?

Colin Mcdowell predicts we will come out of this bad time of fashion in his view as we will need to look for survival in these harsh times and thats when the fashion design industry will flourish!

What are your views do you agree with Colin Mcdowell? Do you have an issue with the high street stores?

A lecture with Colin McDowell

After our 2oth Century Fashion lecture with the fashion historian and editor Colin Mcdowell (above) I was left with many inspirational thought provoking words of wisdom from the legend of the fashion world.

We found out that his favourite era of the 20th Century is the 1950's, when women were still elegant, the last era of couture, when the older woman still had her fashion and their models and fashion wasn't so dictated by the young. He loved the beauty the stately grandeur of the decade and regards fashion as a high point before it started going down hill.

He also regards fashion as having three stages, which can be regarded as skirt lengths from very long (which he thinks will never return in the modern world), the average length and then the mini. The Mini is the time which he regards fashion as dropping dramatically!

He also thinks couture is not what it was, garments are regarded as couture just because a more expensive fabric is being used and it has nothing to do with the hand made and personnal unique quality of traditional couture, he thinks this is very common with American designers such as Armani.

The best tip he has for all us wannabe designers buy all the old Vogues, American and French from the 1930's-50's, as all designers use these as their sourcebooks, but beware they are very expensive, £100 a magazine!

His favourite designer of our time is John Galliano he couldn't rate him more highly, as he looks to the 1950's for inspiration and even uses Dior's mother as his target customer, which he likes as she's an older woman unlike all the targeted markets today and on the high street use.

He also regards the 1950's as the end of the fashion Editor and the beginning of the rise of the Fashion Stylist as all designers now go to the stylist rather than the editor for advice.

There is only three designers he regards as moving fashion forward at the moment and that is obviously John Galliano, Mucca Prada and Marc Jacobs.

As John Galliano is gradually bringing in the Underwear look, alot more sucessfully than the likes of Vivienne Westwood and Jean Paul Gaultier ever did.

Prada is constantly looking at new fabrics and innovations, taking a scientific approach to the future of fashion.

He doesn't regard Coco Chanel as a designer at all let alone one of the best, but an activist! As she was all about the attitude, bringing women equal to men and proving that they are if anything better!

Madame Vionnet he regards as the Real Inventor, with her modernisation of the bias cut and actually turning the industry into a fashion business registering her designs. She makes Chanel seem modest and small compared to her genius.

Balenciaga is the next of his great designers, the original label not the modern day designs. Pierre Cardin and Courreges are just his disciples.

Yves Saint Laurent another of his all time greats for continuing Chanels work of making women's garments simplier and actually creating Men's inspired clothing for women, revolutionary ideas.

This was in times when there were strong leads and women decided how they wanted to be dressed, before the high street and the bad time in fashion reigned: the modern world in Colin's views.

The Basso and Brooke Archive

After talking about the current Spring/Summer 2010 Basso and Brooke collection I thought I would should show you the best pieces from their previous collections to help you realise why I love the creations and how inspirational they are to me.

I have actually used their creations as a huge inspiration for my current Digital Design project, which is all about geometric print mini dresses.

I will be uploading this work shortly, hopefully you will be able to see the link between the two.

2010 RST

FALL 2009/10

Spring/ Summer 2009

From these past collections I think they have more than made up for the outrageously scary Spring/ Summer 2006 Collection, their first collection was loud bold and over the top but you could give them the benefit of the doubt as it was their debut they had to make a dramatic entrance, the following collections are far more sophiscated and wearable but still loud enough to make a statement.

Spring/Summer 2006