Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Is the modern world a bad time for fashion?

Is modern fashion design all about money and not enough about the creativity and generation of new revolutionary ideas and concepts?

This is Colin Mcdowells view of the modern fashion industry, as the designers can only serve in the societies they are in, and when the U.K is dictated by the highstreet and all the cheaper copies, are we not getting quality, or are we just getting the modern equilvent of quality just at an affordable univerisally available price?

Topshop he regards as a brilliant phenomenon, but bad for fashion as they only give us cheaper copies of the real thing! As Topshop isn't leading fashion as their not even looking for it just copying it! As vulgarity sells this is their philosophy in Colin's view.

This also is a perfect example of the Young fashion everywhere, every shop on the high street caters for the young and what about whats appropriate and comfortable for the older customer, as isn't this where the money lies?

Are we going to come out of the era of throw away fashion and cheap copies or is this our future?

The fabulous designs are out their apparently for both men and women but will they sell are they commercial are they fashion forward?

Are high street chain stores the problem, bargains always to be had?

Colin Mcdowell predicts we will come out of this bad time of fashion in his view as we will need to look for survival in these harsh times and thats when the fashion design industry will flourish!

What are your views do you agree with Colin Mcdowell? Do you have an issue with the high street stores?

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