Tuesday, 8 December 2009

My Designs, Illustrations and Flats: Yohji Yamamoto

These are my final Boards for my design Development Project, I have designed a Menswear Range for Autumn/ Winter 2010/11 for the Avant Garde designer Yohji Yamamoto.
My Customer Board

My Moodboard and Colour Palette

Fabric board: Strong use of heavy wools, practical and durable quality fabric choices.

Design Development

Following by utility, practical trend with military influences.

My Illustrations

10 Outfits for my Capsule collection, which really capture the feel and my ideas behind it.
These were scanned in free hand work which I altered on photoshop to get more intense colour and a cleaner neater layout.
My Flat drawings

These are technical drawings to show the contruction, stitching details, fastenings, fabric and colour choices for my final 10 outfits for the collection.
These are computer generated as I thought I would be able to create neater and more accurate representations of the garments.

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